The law and order situation in Kerala has been peaceful in general in the past and crime rates are just similar to those in most other countries. Threats to tourists do not exist. Tourist police have been deployed at the main centers. Kerala Police Force is always vigilant and helpful to tourists. In order to prevent crimes, an arrangement called "Crime Stopper", has been introduced in Kerala, which is of immense use in passing on vital information needed for clinching criminals. The phone number for this crime stopper service by Kerala Police is 1090. For other complaints and to request for police help the number is 100. Anonymity of callers would be preserved.

As floating population in Kerala has been increasing in recent times, with expansion of railways and road transport, residents’ association in urban areas are helping to keep the police posted with information on suspicious elements and activities in their vicinity.

Tourist boats are being made quite safe by strict rules imposed by the state government after a few tragedies in the lakes. Roof – top travel is banned. Condition of the crafts is checked and operations are closely monitored to ensure safety of tourists.

Kerala houseboat safety tips when you first take charge of your new watercraft, it is important to become familiar with the on-board systems and equipment, understand their proper use, and the location of all equipment on board your vessel. While travelling to Kerala, one night in houseboat Kerala is always in every traveler wish list.

Safety precautions inside houseboat in case of emergency :

Each and every houseboat is well equipped with safety materials like Life buoy and life jackets in case of any emergency. Furthermore, there are ground staffs in service 24 hours a day.

Every houseboat has a mobile phone to communicate with the office. Other safety measure like storage of extra fuel, fire extinguisher and other facilities are also available.

Safety of the guests along with enjoyment by strictly adhering to statutory safety rules of Kerala Inland Vessel Rules and Act 2010.

Houseboat Safety Equipments

Fire Extinguishers
Global Positioning System (GPS)
Throw Rings & Orange SOS Flag
First Aid Kit
12v Electric Bilge Pumps
Gasoline Fume Detector
Automatic Engine Compartment Fire Suppression System
Anchors & Ropes (appropriate to your houseboat type)

Wearing Life Jackets are Mandatory

While using our boats, do not venture out into the lake without informing our crew. Abstain from doing anything that rocks the boat. Do not lean over the side which might unbalance it. Step in & Step out only after the boat has been properly stopped, docked & tied. Take care of the children as the lake and canals are deeper .

Do not swim in the lake or canals

Request for a swim will not be entertained.Consumption of alcohol and the intoxicated mood thereafter tend to invite vulnerable scenarios for all sorts of mis -adventure hence sufficient care to be taken while on stay in the boats.

Do not litter – The estuary ( backwater ) is an environmentally protected zone.

Houseboats Safty