Eleven Bedroom Houseboats
11 BED

Eleven Bedroom Houseboats / 11 Bedroom Houseboats

The boat is having a total of 11 rooms out of which 10 rooms are on the ground floor and 1 bed room is on the top floor. The main entrance to the boat is from the front where a small glass covered lobby fully air conditioned with sofa is placed. Those who do not want to proceed to top floor can use this area for sightseeing. There is a corridor available from lobby to end of the boat. Both sides of this corridor have bed rooms with attached bathrooms. All bed rooms are fully furnished with attached bath room, a glass window, cable TV etc.

There is an elevator available at the end of the corridor to go to top floor of the boat. The boat is having a full top floor which is fully glass covered and air-conditioned. One can have a good view of the backwaters when it makes a trip through the river and canals from the top floor. An open kitchen and dining table is placed on the top floor.

This boat is very idle for group bookings. It’s not necessary that one need to book all the 11 rooms. The operators claim that this boat is available for booking with a minim of 5 rooms and remaining rooms will not be given go any other guests. Though the boat is luxury category one can also opt to book as Dlx boat. The difference between Dlx and Luxury is, in case of Dlx full time ac is not available but when book as luxury, one can get a different menu and full time ac

Eleven Bedroom Houseboats